transnerdproud sent:

Ashamed to say I haven't actually played the game D: (I don't own a console anymore aside from an old-ass Xbox 1 from 2002) but I watched it as a movie on youtube and it's now right up there with my fav narratives. Fandom needs more Erica love though <3 she's up there with Poison as fav trans chars who are kickass and represent awesomely. Plan on cosplaying her this year and I'll deffo be sure to submit to yer blog. ... this ask rambled on, didn't it?

Yeah, Erica is awesome! All of them are, hah. I’m also glad they even included trans characters, we need more! This is awesome, please do submit your cosplay, once it is done <3

therainwashesoverme sent:

I bought Catherine on a whim about a month ago and I'm pretty sure it's become my favorite game above all, even over the ones from my childhood that I get super nostalgic over. Love the blog. ♥

It sure is a great and unique game! Glad you like the blog <3

kuya-leo sent:

Sorry if this has been already answered but, team catherine or katherine???

Team Catherine! They are both great, but I just have a thing for succubi! Also, I think the way Catherine presents herself makes me like her more.

samashii sent:

how do you play all endings? and which one is which? im so confused

Google is our friend!

My Catherine cosplay. More can be found on my cosplay page here:

Photos by IanisAFK, Beyond Kryptic Photography and Lorenzo So.

ikeptmyhairshort sent:

At the end of one of Katherine's endings (the good ending I think, the wedding reception) Toby had said something about how Erica had been known as Eric in high school. Did that mean that Erica's transgender?

Yes, Eric(a) is transgender. And obviously had surgery or something like that.

sayaon sent:

Love your blog, love Catherine, love Atlus <3

Thank you, this is very kind!

Anonymous sent:

Thank you for making this blog... I feel like Catherine is under appreciated!

I’m glad you appreciate it! Ikr, Catherine is an awesome game! Rule of Rose (also by Atlus) is under appreciated, too… Maybe because everyone focuses on Persona? Oh well c:

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